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Manufactured / Fake Lime Turquoise

Today, there are several companies making imitation lime green Turquoise. The Colbaugh's of Kingman Arizona use real chauk Turquoise and dye it then stablize it with plastic resins. The Chinese use Magnisite, which is like chalkboard chalk, they dye it then treat it with plastic resins. Some imitation lime Turquoise is pretty, but, it is really junk and the jewelry that it is set in is just costume Jewelry and should never be sold for much else.


Home Shopping Club

Here is a fake lime Turquoise ring from Home Shopping Network - TV. They are having their Jewelry made in India or another third world country. This is pretty but note, it is costume Jewelry and its value is what ever the market will behr. The resale value is very little.


These beads are produced for about $2.00 in China and bring $30.00 on Ebay. Resale value will be very little as the rub against your clothing, they will turn dull. Ofter the color will rub off and stain your cloths. Beware!

Trader Lou

This is a casted pewter piece with fake lime Turquoise glued into the casting from Trader Lou.

Television Shopping Network

A very attractive piece of Jewelry with the use of imitation lime green Turquoise. This type of Jewelry is found for sale at the home shopping networks on Television. It's pretty for a temporary piece of Jewelry but remember when buying - It is no more then costume Jewelry.


Buy Real Lime Green Turquoise

John and Dillon Hartman of Durango Silver Company have a pretty large stash of lime Turquoise from several Turquoise mines in Nevada. You can usually find Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets and other items with Lime Turquoise at their online store.

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